To install dictd on Ubuntu or Debian you type:

$ sudo apt-get install dictd

That was easy. Now you need to install dictionaries for it to use. After each dictionary addition dictd will automatically restart to reload its databases. Let’s say we want to install the English dictionary and an English thesaurus (look up synonyms).


$ sudo apt-get install dict-gcide
$ sudo apt-get  install dict-moby-thesaurus

If you want another language you can check the other packages by typing:
$ sudo apt-cache search “dict package”

Linux Live CD

If the graphic USB creators fail, use one of the command line options below as Root. Let us assume your USB is identified as sde (change as needed for your system), then copy and paste the appropriate line for your kernel:

  • 32 bit kernels: dd bs=4M if=MX-19_386.iso of=/dev/sde && sync
  • 64 bit kernels: dd bs=4M if=MX-19_x64.iso of=/dev/sde && sync